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We utilize sophisticated process to produce diverse of natural & synthetic aromatics, pyrazines, thiazoles, sulfur, heating agent for flavor, fragrance and cosmetic industry.

Manufacturing Process

The major process includ acetoacetvlation, acotylation, alkylation, carbonylation, chlorosulfonation, diazotization, esterificaion, etherification, hydrolysis, nitration, oxidation, sulfonation, reduction and biotech fermentation.   

Contributing our state-of-art workshop in area of 3,000 square meters, combined with strong internal know how, we can achieve flexible operation and provide customers with high value ingredients in volume range from kilo to tons.

Quality Systems

Analytical testing including GC, GC/MS, density, refractive index, color etc is performed for every batch of product we supply. Sensory testing is performed by a dedicated team of highly trained personnel who understand the olfactive requirements of each product we supply.

We are certificated under ISO9001:2008, ISO14000, HACCP. Kosher certificate and other documents are renewed on a regular basis to ensure validity at all times.